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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Born to Road Trip: See OKC

 my new favorite cat

We are back on the road again in the car that was born the same year I was. We made it to Oklahoma City with no problems and are enjoying a visit in a very different part of the country than we have experienced before.

gus + his mama

On Sunday, Gus, his mother, and I went on a hike in the Wichita State Park. It was interesting to see so many facets of the landscape that reminded me of places far away: the sagebrush of Eastern Washington, the red rock of Southern Utah, and the free grazing bison of the Tetons. However, as it always goes, as soon as you get too comfortable in the familiarity, something totally unique pops up. In this case, it was several brilliant yellow and turquoise lizards that scurried along the park’s carpet of boulders.

We spent yesterday touring Guthrie, a small suburb of OKC. It had a really charming historical downtown, with cobblestone streets and well preserved brick buildings. We also stopped for a pint at McNellie’s Public House, a huge Irish pub in OKC.

 we're not used to such large crucifixes

 a liquor store in guthrie

Oklahoma was a unique visit, but I am not very sad to see it go. We are starting our first long haul back west today, hopefully making it to Scottsdale, AZ before the day is up. I’m excited for my first (brief) visit to Albuquerque today!

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