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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The spice of the season: Baja Burgers

baja burger

Here at muddle and stir we appreciate inappropriate cultural appropriation. So here's to all the oddball food fusion and mealtime malapropism. And three cheers for fast food chains that rhyme with Taco Hell! Don't mind us, just enjoy the burgers.

1 lb grass fed beef
gluten free buns (we bought these)
tomato (sliced)
cilantro (for garnish)

Cook your burgers however you like them. If you like yours rare like we do then we suggest you heat a cast iron skillet on high with a drizzle of high heat oil or fire up the grill. We want high heat to sear our meat. We have a hearty appetite for quality meat so we take our burgers by the half pound. 

prefectly seared burgers

Divide your pound of meat in two. Gently round off the edges; don’t over press it. Leave it thick and loose. Give it about three minutes a side over high heat. Be aware that eating under cooked meat can lead to food born illness and all that legal ass covering fine print you find on restaurant menus. You can always check your internal temperature with a meat thermometer if your worried. When the meat is done, grab a bun. Layer it anyway you like. We go with chipotle mayo on both buns, then burger, tomato, slaw, avocado and finally cilantro. It’s going to be piled high whatever you decide. Now bask in all the mile high meaty glory, and then devour it.

mountains and mountains and mountains of meat

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