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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Vol. 23

Since I shared the results of my old goals last week, I figured I would share my new goals for year 23 this week. I think that if I got all this done, it would be a pretty good year.


1. Create 12 collage art pieces.
2. Get a Portland Library card.
3. Pay off credit card.
4. Gather wild food.
5. Bicycle down Old Columbia Highway.
6. Help Grandma can food.
7. Submit article for publication as a freelancer.
8. Find a local swimming hole.
9. See a show at the Doug Fir.
10. Post a home tour on the blog.
11. Visit a PNW national park.
12. Learn how to drive a stick shift.
13. Write a book.
14. Reread Little House on the Prairie books.
15. Print favorite photos.
16. Learn to bellydance.
17. Throw a fancy family & friends dinner party.
18. Make an art journal.
19. Go out dancing with my sisters.
20. 50 HIKES!!
21. Take a volunteer position.
22. Get a fancy dress.
23. Discover a new favorite band.

There you have it. Does anyone else write goals lists for their birthday? Bonus points to you if you spot the repeat on this list from last year. 

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