DIY Home Brewed Kombucha

home brewed kombucha

When I first tried kombucha, I was not in love. Before my first sip, I was unaware that it is a fermented tea with a taste reminiscent of diluted vinegar. As you can imagine, that wasn't a pleasant surprise. I was (am) also very skeptical about all the health claims that kombucha slingers make to promote their product.  All that said, I am now a home kombucha brewer. The taste has grown on me. I find it refreshing. I do feel good when I drink it. And I guess it's healthy and probiotics and whatnot.

Home Brewed Kombucha

1 gal filtered water
¼ cups raw cane sugar
6-7 organic tea bags (black and/or green)
kombucha starter (ask about it at your local health food store)

fresh squeezed lemon juice
fresh ginger
100% pomegranate juice

Bring your water to a boil then cut the heat. Pour in the sugar and stir till dissolved. Drop in all your tea bags. Steep for fifteen minutes or so then pull them all out. Pour your tea into a one gallon glass pickling jar or some similar large glass vessel that can easily be covered. It's important that this vessel be sterile before you use it for kombucha (that means boiling it).  Let the tea cool to room temperature. Now add your kombucha starter to the sweetened tea. Cover the jar loosely with a lid, or rubber band some cheese cloth over the top. Let sit for two to three weeks, somewhere warm and out of direct sunlight. It's interesting to watch the lily pad of bacteria and yeast develop on top of the liquid.

When it's ready, pour your kombucha into smaller glass bottles for storage being sure to leave enough liquid in the gallon jar to keep the kombucha culture (or SCOBY) covered. This is when you can add fruit juices for flavor. Our favorites are the three listed. Chop the ginger and muddle it in the fresh squeezed lemon juice then strain that into your bottles of kombucha and top it off with a splash of pomegranate juice. Store it in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure. And start the process over again!