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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Third Share- Spring Turns To Summer

Portland can be a bit tempestuous about changing seasons. Right now, I like to think that the city is throwing a tantrum, tenaciously holding onto drippy gray skies and lashing out with random downpours. Stubborn as the weather may be, it can't change the truth that my vegetables are now boasting: summer is coming. Soon it will be time to say goodbye to my precious asparagus (which we have been enjoying cooked in leftover bacon grease [cardiologists beware]). But there are promises of lovely things to come and take its place, like the five adorable zucchinis that appeared in my CSA bag this week.

I never used to be a summer person, but lately I have been growing excited about bicycle rides, warm nights, and (more recently) a delicious new season of vegetables. Hopefully, Portland will come around soon too.

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