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Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Unexpected Harvest Festival

I feel compelled to mark the passage of time, the change of the season. I blame my Catholic upbringing: the colored robes that changed through the year, the holidays and saint's days, the counted days during Lent and Advent. They instilled me with a need to nod to the present with old fashioned, if not somewhat ancient, feeling ritual.

So when I woke up on Sunday and remember it was the fall equinox, I scrambled to find a way to acknowledge the day. "We have to make an Autumnal Feast," I told Gus. And because he has known me long enough to know when I'm not joking (even when I'm talking like a hobbit), he agreed.

So while the day faded a bit earlier than the day before, and the rain clouds filed in to oversee the city again, we hid inside our little cave of an apartment and made this meal.

Autumn Equinox Menu
roasted leg of lamb with seasonal vegetables
sweet potato mash
good brie, sliced and eaten straight
baked apples with pecans & maple syrup

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