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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Traditions, New & Old

 Our holiday hearth was quite literal this year.

I'm no media fool. I know the holidays were old news by December 1. However, as I take down my holiday decorations today, I crave some reflection. This season was so ripe with family and tradition. Gus and I are slowly creating our own rituals. I am stilled thrilled to delve deeper into his family's celebrations. And there is nothing like my own home, the delicious familiarity. To me, this is the season of Peter Pan, where I get to be an eternal child, following Christmas stars.

Our celebration started on the solstice. We celebrated with a traditional-ish smörgåsbord far too large for two people (as is our way. We did this again on New Year's Eve for Gus's sister & her fiance). We also exchanged our gifts to each other. I hope we do this every year.

May there never be a Christmas without homemade almond roca. 

 We made our way up to my family on Christmas eve with a pine & berry crown in tow. I took exactly 0 pictures while celebrating with my parents and siblings. It was perfect.

Next we visited Gus' family, where the exciting present for the children was a small bow. Gus' niece and nephew are clearly naturals. 

 The old Johnson family's way of saying Merry Christmas.

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