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What do you people eat?
(gus) We indulge in only the finest and fanciest finger foods, for instance frozen fishsticks foie gras (recipe coming soon!). We also find sustenance in writing ridiculous alliterations and other such literary devices (nonsense). In all seriousness, we have a few dietary restrictions, proscriptions, and compulsions. Gluten, dairy, starches and sweeteners are all things that we only occasionally imbibe, frequently limit, or completely avoid. The recipes we share really are some of our favorite concoctions. Short answer: we eat what we can.

What cameras do you use?
(gus) Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. Upgrade complete!
(elle) iPhone 4.

Can I pin your images/ reblog/ share your photos and articles?
(elle) Sure! Please make sure to link back to our site and do not reproduce our text. You can use one of our images on your blog (per post) with a link back to the original article.