DIY Autumn Spice Roller Bottle


This DIY was almost unabashedly named 'Pumpkin Spice Perfume' (because it is September 2020, and “PUMPKIN SPICE IS ALL WE HAVE LEFT”), but the scent does ever-so-slightly deviate from the PSL norm; so, Autumn Spice it is.

This is a simple essential oil roller ball recipe that can be worn as a perfume throughout the autumn and beyond. As with all essential oil recipes, please take some sensible precautions if you make this up: do a small patch test before applying, choose good-quality, responsibly-sourced oils, and do not use while pregnant/nursing or on children.


4 drops cinnamon essential oil
2 drops clove essential oil
2 drops cardamom essential oil
1 drop ginger essential oil
Neutral oil (like sunflower, avocado, sweet almond, etc.)
10 ml roller bottle

  1. Fill your roller bottle  halfway up with neutral oil (a small funnel makes this job much simpler).
  2. Slowly add essential oils to bottle, taking care not to add too many drops.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with neutral oil. Shake well to combine.
  4. To use: After patch testing, apply to pulse points as desired.