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Instant Chaga Mocha -- DIY Adaptogen Tonic

This instant chaga mocha is a less expensive way to get a jolt of trendy mushroom-infused coffees. Spruce it up like your favorite coffee drink and enjoy it for an afternoon fika or mid-morning jolt.

I got spoiled on chaga tea when I was living in Alaska. One summer, I worked at a coffee shop, where unlimited access to the shop's local tea collection was a perk. So I drank a huge cup of chaga tea (with a smidge of honey) everyday. I don't know if it was the 24-hour sunlight or the mega-doses of medicinal mushrooms, but I remember that summer as especially bright.

After leaving the coffee shop and moving back to the lower-48, my access to affordable chaga has starkly declined. When I saw a chaga-coffee blend at my local food coop, I was really excited. The problem? A small box of the premixed drink cost twice what a bag of chaga tea would back in AK.

So, I decided to stretch the remaining chaga I smuggled back from Alaska with instant coffee on my own. If you can get ahold of…

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