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Studies in Simplicity | Fire Cider

I know I am not alone saying that my life's greatest disappointment is never receiving a Hogwarts letter. Ages 10 and 11 were spent anticipating an invitation to a great and mysterious wizard school; ages 12 and 13 were spent wondering if J.K. Rowling had fudged the facts a bit.

Now, though I still hold out hope that there is a Hogwarts Graduate School, I have learned to seek mystics and magic in the natural world. While there is something to appreciating the alchemy of a beautiful sunset, there is something so satisfyingly witchy about brewing up homemade remedies.

Currently, my experience with herbs and natural healing has been limited to whipping up some tea and a tincture or two. I am planning to continue practicing, researching, and learning. This Fire Cider recipe has been on my to-do list for a long time, but a recent bout of the sniffles really inspired me to get going on it.

Fire Cider is a folk remedy that is often used to alleviate winter colds and flues. It is conside…

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