Aquavit: The Best Botanical Booze

This is Aquavit (akvavit, the water of life [from aqua vitae]).  It's a Scandinavian institution, a cure all, a drink steeped in tradition, or in this case, a basic spice infused vodka. So this is a DIY akvavit. From our extensive internet research, we concluded that aquavit (I can't decide which spelling I prefer) is basically whatever spices you think will taste good in an infused vodka with perhaps a little citrus thrown in for color and variety. Now that's all cleared up; on to the recipe!

Akvavit Recipe

750mL bottle vodka
zest of half clementine
zest of quarter lemon
1 tbs whole allspice
1 tsp whole caraway
2 whole star anise

First order of business: pour yourself a drink (you have to make room in your bottle). While zesting your citrus, be sure to avoid the pith; it can lend a bitter taste to your akvavit (I think I've settled on a spelling). Add all your ingredients to the bottle. Slap the lid back on and make sure it's good and tight. Now prepare yourself for a long wait. Give it two to four weeks at room temperature (the longer your wait, the stronger the spice). Then strain it, and keep it in the freezer. Serve ice cold. Skol!